“I have devised my creative language around the ideas of the object, the model and architecture. Often the work refers in different ways to the idea of inhabiting space. Currently, I am exploring the space of sculpture and of the environmental installation according to a notion of the parcelization of material, almost a sort of molecular deflagration of sculpture, in which scientific phenomenology becomes an intimate structure and go-between for vision. This is after having for many years investigated the human relationship with curved space, a space where the right angle and the Euclidean paradigm give way to organic deformation, pervading the sense of form. What I produce on different occasions are series of works using media ranging from watercolour to photography, from the large-scale environmental installation to the micro-sculpture. It is a space that spectators themselves walk around in and complete. There is the constant idea of a “dual landscape”, in which the physicality of the materials refers to a virtual design and vice versa.”
Loris Cecchini